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New: Richer Embeds

This is an entry about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release.

You are probably already familiar with our content embedding feature in IPS Community Suite. When a link to content in the community is pasted into the editor (e.g. a topic, or a post, or a gallery image, etc.) it is automatically expanded into a preview of the content, usually with an accompanying image, allowing users to click through to that content if they are interested.


An embedded Gallery image in IPS Community Suite 4.1

While it has proved a useful feature to members, each embed used essentially the same structure - a small thumbnail on the left, a title, and a few lines of text. This works fine for topics, but isn't ideal for other kinds of rich content that might be posted.

In IPS Community Suite 4.2, we greatly improved upon our embedding handling, giving every type of content within every application its own customized embed style, allowing that content to be displayed however works best. This means larger high-res previews of Gallery images, a button to download a file right from the embed for Downloads files, showing a map for Calendar events, and so on. We worked to keep a consistent overall style between apps, but allow each to display its own relevant information.

For users, things will work exactly as they do now - they simply paste a link to content, and it will continue to expand automatically. The changes are also backwards compatible. Any existing embeds in your community will automatically show the new styling you see below - no rebuilding necessary.

So with that in mind, let's take a look what the new embeds look like! I won't show every single embed here because there's a huge number, but I'll try and give you a feel for how we approached the embed styles for each app.


Gallery Image


Comment on a Gallery Image


Gallery Album


Forum Topic


Downloads File


Review on a Downloads File


Calendar Event


Comment on a Calendar Event


Commerce Product


Record from a Pages database

I hope that gives you a good overview of what to expect when your users try out the new embeds for themselves. As always, please share your feedback in the comments below!


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Recommended Comments

Would it be possible to keep the current way of how embed links works than changing to the new system per the Admin|Owner wishes? Are this is a force change and can't be choose by the Admin|Owner when the system is upgraded?

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This looks good on sidebar too. I don't know if its possible to place them on sidebar, or maybe there are improvements to the sidebar blocks too.

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14 hours ago, Mark said:



On external embeds (instagram, facebook, etc), could you please add the proxy cache to avoid 404 if the embedded content is deleted on the source, just like it happens now with embedded images?

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A suggestion!

A lot of the time when we merge content. And people have linked to it in a topic it displays the generic user permissions error, Problem is this leads to A LOT of people crying that we deleted something and screams of censorship follow.

Could we get a way to have it say a thread was merged with a link to the new thread in place of on-site embedded links for topic that have been merged? Instead of the generic permissions error? or would this be hard to do?

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14 hours ago, iDeath said:

If it's a download embed please add a download button!


I should of kept reading >.>

Yeah, they have "call-to-action" on certain embeds when the call-to-action will allow you to do something but stay on the same page.  

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All super. Disappointed only by the fact that it is impossible to make reference to the category of the gallery as well as on the albums. I really hope that this trouble will be fixed in the next update.

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