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Les Paul, or Gibson SG?

It was a poster of Slash holding his Gibson Les Paul slung low on his waist playing live that got me into guitars.

The crunching power chords of Appetite For Destruction were a long way from the three chords I could manage on a beaten up acoustic with a hole in the side, but I kept on trying until I could play those riffs.

I still hold a special love for the Les Paul (as well as the Explorer made famous by Hetfield palm muting his way through multiple albums with Metallica).

So, I'm especially thrilled to see the official Gibson forums relaunched with Invision Community 4.

Check it out: https://forum.gibson.com

It's great timing as I've recently freed my guitars from the loft and have started to play again.

Anyone else here play guitar, and should we start our own band?

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