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Unable to install 4.7.17 Beta 2

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Hi all,

I'd like to ask some support for upgrading my software to 4.7.17 version as it is required to keep using Sofort and Ideal payment methods via Stripe. 

I found this tutorial and copied all steps. However, when I click "Check for new updates", the Beta does not become available. Usually when there is a new update available, I get a notification which enables me to install the update. This notification doesn't pop up. 

Could you please advise?

Thanks in advance. 

Thanks, Etienne 

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Sorry, its not clear what tutorial that is as you are linking to something in your client area. 

You can either

A - Download the beta version from your client area, upload all files, then run the upgrader from /admin/upgrade


B - Add a constants.php file to your main directory, and add the following contents. Then once done, select "check for new updates" again



Always ensure you do a full backup before you proceed 

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