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Hello everyone, 

I have two questions:

1. There ist a blog post in the backend that has not yet been published: 

Could contain: Text

Unfortunately, I didn't receive a notification that the post was pending publication and I can't find an option to do so in the backend. However, the article is not displayed to me in the front end. What options do I have to publish the post? 

2. A user wants to create a blog article via the front end. We have adjusted the authorization accordingly. Unfortunately, there is no option to do the formatting in the front end.
Is this option only available in the backend or can the option also be set for frontend?


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On the first one, you would approve on the front end. You will be able to see those as a member of moderation on the front end, and will also see them in the approval queue in the moderator CP

On the second item, Im not sure what you mean here by you cant format. Please could you clarify specifically what it is you cant set?

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On the first: which user settings are necessary? I'm currently getting the message that I don't have the authorization. But I'm moderator.

On the second: if I want to post an article via the frontend it looks like this: 

Could contain: Page, Text

I don't have the option to mark fonts in bold, underline the, make lists etc. like in the backend

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