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"Community is not Available" in Make.com and Automated creation of Forum Topic for a new user

Valerie Huard

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Good day,

We've already asked Make.com regarding this and we're waiting for their reply but we'll also ask here maybe you have a solution for this.

We've setup our REST API Key to connect our Invision Community to Make.com and we tried connecting it but it says 'Community is not Available' (as you can see in the image below) and we also tried doers.academy/community and other url for that community section but still the same error. Do you have any idea for this?

The reason we're connecting Invision Community to Make.com is that one there is a new user it automatically creates a forum topic for their own progress (Progress Log). Maybe there is a built-in way to do this just inside Invision Community without the help of Make.com?

Thank you in advance

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Your main URL (https://doers.academy) looks to be a Wordpress site?  When I try common IPB paths such as /login or /forgotpass, I don't get anything related to IPB.  

What is the path to the IPB software?  If it's https://doers.academy/forums, per the screenshot you hosted, you would enter doers.academy/forums. (You need to include the path to the root of your IPB install.)

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