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Forum name missing for Question type forums


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On Discussion type forums, the forum name of the topic is displayed on topic detail page.

Forum name is rendered under "By Administrator" followed by Date and Forum name (clickable blend-link).

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But on Question type forums, this forum name is missing and there is no way to tell from the topic detail page to which forum the topic belongs.

You can see under "Asked by Administrator" it says 13 minutes ago but no forum name.

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Instead of rendering the forum name under "Asked by Admin" as a blend-link, it would be ideal to add the Forum name in the breadcrumb on the top where it says "Home > Welcome!" - it should ideally say -

Home > Forum name > Welcome!

My forum is the same as homepage but it should still display the hierarchy properly so user could navigate by clicking on the specific part of the breadcrumb as expected behavior and as how breadcrumbs are rendered on other pages.


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