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IPS to replace community self-help groups and sale whats app, telegram...


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Would it be possible in Invision 5 to be able to help each other in a community by the possibility of asking simple questions quickly without overloading the forum with useless subjects and also quickly finding answers to questions (a large well-classified FAQ) and that each member can offer services or objects for sale

To be able to use all the power that the calendar could offer in the proposal of hourly or daily service, renting a car or an apartment...

I give an example for a community of newly settled residents in a foreign country. Each member will need the help of the oldest who will need the help even of the oldest than them...

The problem with telegram, whatsapp.. is that nothing is classified for example and we quickly find ourselves with hundreds of useless messages per day, also due to redundant questions, sales announcement written several times...

It is also difficult to find with the search system an interesting commercial advertisement posted in the form of an image

My suggestion for invision 5:

- Could we have a party on the short message site that does not open a discussion and disappears after a certain number of hours. Interesting questions without existing answers in the site could be converted into subject or other

- Could we use the calendar to offer paying things: Apartment rental, car rental, rental of everything to help members find interesting announcements more easily. because often a community also trusts each other more in a foreign country where a certain mentality on the meaning of service, quality is not the same

And we as an administrator, we could offer a monthly subscription to offer ads or service in the calendar...

also a big faq on all the administrative formalities, also find the useful documents to fill in etc.


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