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Create member via Zapier: Custom fields

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Hello, I am working on adding members to our forum after the purchase of a specific product in WooCommerce. The very basics are working - new WooCommerce customer/order -> Add new forum member using name + email from WooCommerce. However I was hoping to be able to populate custom profile fields too - like address etc. I do not have the option to insert values into the custom profile fields in Invision. Is that something I am doing wrong, or is the functionality not available? If not, is it in the pipeline or can the same be achieved with a custom API?

All the options i have when setting the new member fields. Whereas I have 7 custom profile fields setup for all members:

Could contain: Page, Text

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Hello, I'm trying to figure this out too

I'm new to Invasion with fairly limited IT background (but learning)

I have got to the webhooks section of Zapier

Could contain: Page, Text

I have also figured out my way to the API section of the AdminCP and got a REST API key

I'm trying to upload data to some existing members custom profile fields (for example, their first name into a field called pfield_5 ).

Is there an example of the type of information that would go into the Zapier form above to achieve this? Everything I have tried so far comes up with an error, and I'm unsure where I'm going wrong.

Many thanks if someone can help.


(first post!)


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