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Suggestion - "Log Out All Users" admin restriction.


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In my specific case, Facebook requested credentials to be able to see how the Facebook Connect app is using client data.   This involves giving them access to the Login & Registration --> View and Manage Login Methods area - and ONLY that area.

When testing the login though, I noticed the "Log Out All Users" button was still available.  I'd really rather not have a Facebook agent clicking that button maliciously or by accident, so I can't comply with their request to log in and review the settings. (I'm currently waiting to see if they complain about it)

More broadly though, I can imagine anyone with a need to delegate specific admin tasks would benefit from blocking this button.   

e.g. someone who processes reports, invoices, 3rd party add-ons (like Drip Campaigns), doesn't need the ability to log all users out.

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