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Invision Community Insight: Is this a busy season for you?

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☀️ Welcome to this week's Invision Community Insight! ☀️ 

Thank you for checking out this weekly round up post. I hope you have had a lovely week! This tends to be a personal busy time for many as we celebrate the longer days, warmer weather, graduations and vacations. Are you celebrating any of those? I enjoy this time of year! My calendar is quite full and my to-do lists are plentiful! Today, I'll celebrate a 4-year old's preschool graduation, get ready for her birthday party tomorrow and prep and look forward to a beach trip next week! 🎓🎂 🦀  🌊 🏖️ I would love to hear what you are up to. Perhaps you are embracing and enjoying busyness too. 🙂 


Since there is not much in the way of new news this week from the Invision Community team, I'll share some of the same updates again. 


Current Happenings

New Version

Our May release is out and ready for you to upgrade your community. As you know, we recommend that you keep your community up to date each month to keep it running smoothly and so you can enjoy the latest updates.

Review the release notes to see what is included in the May release, version 4.7.10.

Key changes include:


@Charles and I talked about the release in our May Release Chat earlier this month.

You can watch the video and participate in that discussion in the converted live topic.


Courses is here as part of the May release! 🎉

What a powerful feature! Want to create a short onboarding experience for your members? This could be a Welcome note, Did you know? bullets to help members know where to start, and then a mandatory acknowledgement piece if that is required for your community. This is all possible with the new Courses application. How are you hoping to use this feature? Check out our latest blog post for the details:



Email Bounce Management in the May release🎉

For Cloud customers, we are adding the ability for you to view reports on bounced/complaint emails, take action on member accounts (purge them or mark them as no notifications), and unblock emails that our platform may be refusing to email. Check out our latest blog post: 


On Deck

New Privacy and PII Data features will be included in our June release. 


Statistics and Reporting will be included in a release in the coming months. 


Finally, for those that like to see what we are up to line by line, here is the changelog for the week for version 4. Changes are limited for now as we focus attention on version 5. More information will be shared about version 5 at a future date. 




- Fixed an issue with PayPal when buying multiple quanities of a product in one order.
- Fixed a bug where the expiry date can be calculate dincorrectly when upgrading/downgrading between packages.


- Fixed an issue moving comments to forum if the article previously had a linked forum topic that no longer exists.


- Fixed an issue where it was possible in some circumstances for a private album title to show in Activity Stream.


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