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Pay-what-you-want pricing in Commerce

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It would be super useful for Commerce to support pay-what-you-want pricing. I mainly have subscriptions in mind but it would be nice for one-off purchases, too - think of it as letting customers leave a tip.

My community always tried to have this by offering multiple subscription tiers which, for the most part, only differ in price. But offering a single subscription with a pay-what-you-want option would be a much better UX than offering a large list of very similar-looking options.

Bandcamp (for selling one-time purchases), Patreon (subscriptions), SubscribeStar (also subscriptions), and other services did a lot to popularize pay-what-you-want in recent years so I recommend checking out their UI flows for inspiration.

Here are some ideas for how it could work in Commerce:

  1. Anywhere Commerce allows one to set a price, there is an option to enable pay-what-you-want pricing.
  2. When pay-what-you-want is enabled, the "normal" price becomes a "suggested" price and a lower minimum can optionally be set.
  3. When managing a pay-what-you-want subscription, a user can modify their "pledge" at any time.
    1. An admin can choose whether this bills them for the difference immediately or takes effect in the next billing cycle, similar to the existing subscription upgrade/downgrade settings.
  4. When a user "pledges" an amount for a subscription that would bring them to a higher-priced tier, it'll automatically upgrade them to said tier upon payment and communicate this unless:
    1. the higher tier limits how many people can have it and said limit is reached, or
    2. the user deliberately chooses to stay on the lower tier anyway.

Other ideas are welcome, too. 🙂

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48 minutes ago, DawPi said:

This looks like a great mod but it's not useful to me because it only adds pay-what-you-want to Downloads files (and my site doesn't even use the Downloads app). I'm hoping to add pay-what-you-want options to the subscriptions that Commerce itself sells.

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