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Looking for a developer to code me a custom plugin. (Live Chat Support Plugin Invision Community)

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Hello - I am looking for a strong developer. I'm actually quite surprised there are no plugins like this and I also know it would sell like wild fire.

I don't want to use 3rd party extremely complex like systems like Tidio or Zendesk. I want to host everything on my website and not rely on 3rd parties also I want a limited amount of functions.


- Guests / Members / Customers should be able to see a live chat button in the bottom right of the browser.
- When clicked it will pop up a Chat box where the following IF statements will occur :
                  if guest = force them to make an account
                  if member = start conversation with admin
                  if customer = start conversation with admin
- The live conversation will now take place and messages are exchanged bla bla bla
- Can exit browser and log back in later and the message will still be there.

Could contain: Page, Text
- Should be fully hosted on the website meaning there will be a dedicated page or place inside or outside adminpanel (but still within the boundaries of the website) where admins can connect to the customer / member.
- Should have 2 sections [OPEN / CLOSED]
- When a member / customer initiates a conversation it will appear in the OPEN section.
- Admin can respond to members / customers 
- Admin can close conversation.

If you think you are able to code this for me I am money ready - I am also not looking to be the owner of the plugin meaning you can sell it on the market place and make your money for it - I can just fund development and also use it for myself.

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