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IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Status Updates


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I blogged just before Christmas about the improvements to the status update feature in IP.Board.

During the latter stages of IP.Board 3.0.0's development, we added in very basic status updates in users profiles that was further enhanced by the index page sidebar hook. We've seen this feature get a lot of use on our own community and we wanted to take it to the next logical step and allow archived statuses and status replies.

A recent addition is the ability to locks a status update. A normal member can lock their status to prevent comments from other members, although a super moderator (and admin) can over-ride this and reply and/or unlock the status. When a super moderator (and admin) lock a status, it means that in addition to other members being able to reply, the status owner can not unlock it.

I have also improved the sidebar hook to allow on-the-fly commenting, updating and deleting without leaving the page.

You can see it in action, here:

We feel these minor 'social networking' style features add interest and a secondary reason to re-visit your forum. Members can receive email notifications when a reply is made to their status, or a reply is made to a status they have commented on. This will continually drive traffic back to your site and encourage more interaction between members.

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