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Change the domain of the test license?

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Can you tell me how to change the domain for a test license?
I had a domain(#1) from which I transferred information to another domain(#2). The test license was installed on the subdomain(domain #1).

Now from domain #1 is being redirected to domain #2.
Subdomain (domain #1) - deleted!

I want to install the test license on the subdomain (domain #2).
To make it work: domain #2 - license, and on the subdomain - test license.

*The subdomain with the test license is deleted, but the error is still there

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2 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

These can only be changed when you change your main URL, so you should use a domain you can point elsehwhere if needed.

Thank you so much!
When I was migrating the site to Invision - I forgot that I was going to do a domain alias with a redirect to the new domain...
And now I will create a subdomain, where it will be a test version to test all the plugins and updates... for new projects )))

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