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Moderation Alerts - Required Option


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Moderation alerts are great, much needed new feature, however I would like a little bit of control over them if possible.

I want to promote full transparency with members in how we moderate the forum, so I don't want the moderators to have a choice to send an alert or not, nor do I want them to remain anonymous. 

I understand some communities are happy with the options, so I'm not asking this to be forced on every community, just given some options within the admin panel to as I say, make the alerts a required option when performing moderator tasks, also removing the anonymous option.

Whilst I have asked the moderators to ensure they do use alerts, I have no way in knowing if they are or not.

To throw an example out there, if I see a hidden post, then it's repeated a few minutes later, I would warn the member for posting content that they knew had been removed.

Say in this instance the moderator forgot or chose not to alert the member, that could be seen as a harsh warning as they were simply not aware, possibly under the impression it didn't post to the forum correctly. 

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