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In need of a "commissions" Application

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The Job

A while back i paid someone hundreds of dollars to make an app that would essentially be a "Commissions" Board.
basically someone can make a request saying what they would like created and a starting bid price.
A content creator (A group I select in the ACP settings) can pick up the job, and make an offer.
Once an agreement is created, the person making the commission can pay half (or more)(Half being required to start the job)
The content creator can see this amount has been paid, and once they finish the job, they can upload the file.
When the commissioner finishes paying full amount, they can download the file, 
Once downloaded, the content creator will get 80% of the money added to their account credit.

Obviously I do not mind paying for the time it takes. I understand that sometimes things take more time than we originally thought it would. All I ask is we communicate. I have a good reputation here and I plan to keep that.

Sad back story...

So this project, I paid someone the full amount, up front. they said no problem. They got it real close to done and then they vanished. I seen (AND STILL DO) see them chatting alot, so i know they are fine, they just took my $500 and ran. I am a little sour about it but this has only happened to me one time so I hope it will be the last...

Pictures of what was once created
(But never finished)


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