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Threads with hidden Posts not showing in Unread Content feed


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Hi Guys

When a Moderator hides a SINGLE post in a thread that entire thread no longer shows in the "Unread Content" feed.

It still shows in the feed to Moderators and Admins but not to any Members

It still shows in the "All Activity" feed but we find that most people use the "Unread Content" one.

As far as I am aware this has just recently started happening. The Unread Content feed settings have not changed and are set as "Everything" in the read status column.

This is only happening if the LAST post in the thread is the one hidden. In other words hiding the last post is treating the entire thread as hidden.

Clearing System cache does not fix it.

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On 11/22/2021 at 3:57 PM, Marc Stridgen said:

Before we go any further, could I please confirm the user you are testing with then does have items that are unread in that topic, excluding the hidden item?

I am using a users whose settings are to "show EVERYTHING" not to "show unread" so they should show whether read or not.

We have tested this repeatedly and if the last post is hidden the thread does NOT show to ANY members in the feed. The feed default is "show everything"



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