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SEO - Duplicate Pages with GET parameters!


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Once upon a time, you threw a SEO improvements article at us.
It specificaly claimed, that it fixes this SEO specific issues related to duplicate pages due to the GET parameter usage.

However there's either more that's missing, or you've re-introduces new issues along the way.

Yandex has been screaming at us for quite some time, that there are duplicate pages based on GET tags.

Yandex is specificaly pointing at sortby and tab to be the main issue:


The appropriate solution (according to Yandex):
Yandex asks for Clean-Param Directive if the site page URLs contain GET parameters (such as session IDs, user IDs) or tags (such as UTM) that don't affect their contents.
Not sure if Google is going for the same, but they're usualy pretty close.


Looking forward to further SEO improvements.

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