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A Few Suggestions


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I have a few minor suggestions I think should be implemented, well, basically two features that would help a lot, not only for me I believe.

1a. Let's start with something I can't understand that isn't a feature yet. Custom formatting for Downloads Extra Fields. This would be highly useful for formatting different custom fields (which I use a lot of) and make them stand out. But the most important and the reason why I personally want this feature is to be able to output links (URL) as a proper link text. Say that there is another website that provide support for the download I offer and I want to direct users to that website. I would make a Extra Field, naming it "External Support" and then choose URL as Field Type. Easy pieacy. Well, if the URL to the external site is extremely long or just look bad with a lot of symbols and numbers, meh, not good. Imagine being able to then put in a custom formatting that would make the link go from "externalsite . com /thisisalooooongsupportlinkwithstrange-2321-%2211-numbersandstuff" to "Go Here"... Wow, mind blown.

I mean, it can already be done in Profile fields as Custom profile formatting, so why not in downloads? Please, show Downloads app some love soon, some of us actually use at the main app.

1b. (Less important) Make it possible to choose several categories to add a download to, not just one. Or maybe after you've chose category, being able to choose secondary categories would be nice.

2. Simple feature suggest, please do something about the current Marketplace option where we can't download working plugins and themes unless they are updated to the installed exact IPS version. Running 4.6 completely lock me out from installing working 4.5 plugins and themes. Can't install them from ACP, can't download them from IPS... Not a great user experience.


Thank you for reading xD


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