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1/ I have 2 Pages databases. One is working fine. The other DB is throwing a redirect error when I try to view records on the front end.

2/ It is also reporting an incorrect number of categories in ACP when I try to convert it to a flat, non category DB. Note, DB was created today and showed the errors immediately after creation.

3/ Since creating the DB I can no longer view my profile.


1/ When I created a record in my DB which has 2 categories and then try to view it on the site (as opposed to the ACP) I get: 

This page isn’t working,  <site.name> is redirecting you too many times

Here's one of the URLS which throw the error:



2/ Additionally, I tried removing one of the categories (in case it was a category config issue) and I get the following in the ACP  when I try to select 'No, store records in DB directly'. Note I deleted the 2nd category and moved the record onto the remaining category. So the DB now only has one category and never had 4! See below:



3/ Finally I can't view my profile since I created the problematic database. Other profiles are fine.  Here's the error page



Thx, Chris






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