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Exclude tags functionality

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Hi fam! I had a thought. Wondering if anyone thinks this would be useful or not.

I am exploring utilizing tags more on my own community BreatheHeavy/Exhale

Today, I created a block that is only meant to show topics that include the tag "grammys." This is just so we can have a bunch of Grammys related content flood the homepage for the day.

So my homepage looks like:

Grammys content-items block
All content-items block

I am encouraging members to create Grammy-related topics (the show airs tonight). We can curate their content to show on the homepage as long as they use that tag. 


Problem is, my homepage is now including a block with content related to the Grammys (showing only content with the tag "grammys"), and below that it shows all curated content (which also includes the grammys-related content). In other words, the same topic is appearing twice on the homepage. 

If we could exclude tags, this would solve that! I could set up the other block with all content-items and ask it to exclude any topic that includes the tag "grammys" 

Unless... there's a better way that hasn't come to mind yet. Thoughts?


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5 hours ago, Morrigan said:

I wouldn't have done it via tags. I would have created a separate forum for it that you can then dump back into another when its over.

Ahh that is a clever way to do that. 💡  

Edit: I started to do that, but then realized that I would need to manually move all the threads that have already been created with the "grammys" tag into the Grammy sub-forum, which is kind of no bueno. 😅

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