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REST API : GET the customer's last name

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I would like to get access to the customer's last name via the REST API.
I am able to get its address lines in /nexus/invoices/ but I can't find its last name in the associated customer object. I can't find it in /core/members/ either.
Could you please tell me where can I find the last name and the first name of a customer via the REST API (I already have the customer's ID) ?

Thank you,


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Thank you @bfarber for your quick reply on this subject.

From my point of view, being able to know who is the customer is mandatory in Commerce. 😉

If that could help during the internal discussions ...

I wanted the last name of the customer in order to print labels (full address) to put on the enveloppes when sending products, for instance.

But also to track recurring purchases in order to send gift to those having purchased more than x times a certain product over the years.

The idea is to automatise the whole process thanks to the Rest API.

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