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Urgent problem: Two Factor Authentication

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Hi all,

Hope someone can help me out as I am experiencing a serious problem and don't know how to solve.
I already asked Invision for support but don't get response for already a couple of hours.

I'm running a website and using Two Factor Authentication for my administrators and moderators. Since this afternoon I'm not longer able to log in with TFA (Google). It doesn't accept the code. The result is that no one of my administrators and moderators is able to log in.

Could someone please advise how to disable Two Factor Authentication (Google) and restore access to my website?

Many thanks in advance. 




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You can disable two-factor authentication temporarily by editing your constants.php file and adding the following:


Additionally, I would check the time on your server. If the time and date are off by too much, that would make it stop working.

For constants.php documentation, see here: 



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