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Formatting and Logging In issues

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My forum: Link

Version: v4.5.3



On the forum, when you chance the style on fonts (colours/bold) etc they don't appear to be formatting correctly and are showing up as it would in the source. Is there a setting somewhere that I need to change or could there be an issue somewhere?

Auto Logging In.

I have a few members, one in particular (see post) complaining that everytime he comes back to the forum he has to log in despite saving his details to keep him logged in at all times. He claims if was fine until the update. I have suggested it could be his settings/browser but he claims he isnt having the same issue on any other forum he is a member of with the same software. Any ideas?



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Peeking into that linked thread you provided, I think the member is asking for BB Code to be reenabled. You likely disabled it when you upgraded to 4.5, and BB Code is now deprecated. BB Code is where you do things like enter in [b]bolded text goes here[/b] to make bolded text. You can reenable this from the ACP, but it will be going away in the future.

With regard to your member having to log in, I'd suggest that's a cookie issue if it's only that single member. Does it happen on all web browsers for them?

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