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Activity Stream improvements


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Please let us to explore the Activity Stream power:

Orange: Should be removed, it leave all a row as white space. 

Green: Place thumbnail of the element. 

Red: the More button. Each action show 8 lines more (if reader want continue to complete the post content ) , after an action belong appear Condensed button. 

Light Blue: A button of "Comment Now". User touch it to open the reply box, at the same time showing the last 2 posts condensed (if possible it work as the Red description? ), introduce the reply and SEND.

Purple: It can act as redirect link to the original item location to read more information or posts. This is in case the user want to more actions related the item. 

With that design,

----1. User can read the first topic keeping the Activity Stream page on FRONT. 

----2. User can post comment immediately in each stream item without to leave out the Activity Stream page. 


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