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PM as Group chat


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By the nature of adding whoever in the pm conversation, I would like use it as a type of group chat, group post or group topic feature. Before IPS team agree with made some changes, anyone can collaborate to done these tasks? :

1. Change the pm icon, right now it is a inbox icon, I want to change to Chat icon

2. Move the location from member profile to mobilenavbar(like the Activity Stream and Search) , more front view for members. 

3. (maybe is good ) I would like to give Clubs more unique and integrated of communication without go outside of the club. How about if convert the PM(I will call it group topic) as a part of the clubs features? So admin can add this Group Topic as part of a club, appearing only the group topics created inside the club, obviously when created a group topic it just can be invited members of the club. 

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