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Changes to Topic/post Feed blocks in block manager


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Default blocks such as topic and post feeds are helping out to avoid installing Wordpress or other CMS to the customize the front page. But, I think very simple changes like below will help us to even more customize the front page.

1) Adding options to show thumbnail along with the topic title (first image from the post content can be showed as thumbnail in the front page block)

2) Option to disable/enable views, author, date, replies Or Option to just show the title of the topic.

I think these changes will allow lot of users to avoid Wordpress installations for home page.


Note : I searched to see if these customizations are already available but did not find any posts related to this. Sorry if this is a repost.

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For forums search for TDB posts block, it has many of the features you are requesting, these are just some of them https://prnt.sc/ucbvsg

Not every thread has a thumbnail, so I guess that's why it isn't included.

Also are talking about WordPress, the counterpart is Pages, not forums. The database feeds are the basis and deliver every information you need.

You can change the look by editing the templates. For example you can output a feed as classic blocks/lists or in sliders, carousels or whatever.

There are lots's of cool pages templates on the marketplace and if that's not enough, yousurely find somebody to create custom ones just the way you want them :wink:

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