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Paid Plugin: Field Groups (same as ACF repeater in WP)

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Looking for experienced dev to create field groups for custom fields. Take a look at the repeater field in Advanced Custom Fields (Wordpress plugin) for a better idea of what I need.

So for example, admin in acp can go to Pages app (or forums, blogs etc) and add field groups which allows user when creating records/posts, to be able to add 1 or more field groups to a record/post.

Field groups would contain 1 or more custom fields and allow the user to add multiple listing type items in a single record.

For example:

Field Group: Employment details

Would contain: 

Employer (text)

Description: (Rich text)

Date from (date)

Date to (date)


And so on. The above would allow user to easily add employment history (or any other list of items) to a record/post.


This needs to work across all post types and be compatible with 4.5. Dev must be able to demonstrate very good track record developing apps and plugins for Invision Community.


Questions in comments please. Offers via PM.

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