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CiC Storage Upgrade Option?


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If available already I missed it. I would like the option to upgrade CiC storage space without necessarily increasing users. My forum is small but has some longevity so the disk storage slowly creeps up even as the active users stays fairly low and constant (not counting rogue bots) over time. 

I believe the last time I hit my storage limit all access to my site stopped, with no proactive warning. I am very close to my limit again and will need to increase my spend $120 more per year to get 4Gb additional media storage. I suspect my coffeemaker probably has more than 4GB memory.

I am aware of Amazon S3 for disk storage and successfully set it up to play with it. While I love getting a monthly bill for $0.43 🙂 I am on CiC hosting because my goal is to take advantage of the worry-free maintenance. Longterm personal maintenance of S3 buckets for me does meet that goal. Inevitably Amazon will some day roll out some API or or other change that will (a) break all my images and (b) fry my brain trying to understand how to fix my bucket settings. 


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