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I have had a message about upgrading the Facebook App, specifically the Graph API from version 3.0.

What version should I be able to upgrade to? Highest version available is v 7.0 for the API overall. What do I need to do?

"Your App, Songstuff Music Community, is currently accessing Graph API v3.0 which will reach the end of its 2-year lifetime on 28 July, 2020. We estimate 2 endpoints that Songstuff Music Community calls will be impacted by this change and may stop working after the automatic upgrade push. To ensure a smooth transition, please migrate all calls to Graph API v3.1 or higher. Use the API Upgrade Tool to understand exactly how this change will impact your app."

In the developer area it says:

"GET {user-id}/permissions 7.0 Add expired status for GET me/permissions, in addition to granted or declined."

Has anyone else gone through this process?

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