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The user set their shipping point in map, this is inside the checkout process, after set the map address for shipping, should be return to the checkout page to complete the order. 

I found the Google map have very updated details of my city. 

Example, 10 customers already set their delivery address :

Admin side, can see all addresses pointed in the map. Here can be contain one more functionality, one button that call use of google map, automatically the map generated the routes alternatives, routes that detect from current address point connected to all points. So admin or members assigned to take the delivery job will be guided by the map to complete the 10 shipments. (or whatever, I say Google map because it is very updated layer, all users have g map in their phone), 

I mentioned members assigned, because normally the guy who work on delivery aren't admins staff, so need an ability that send these shipments items to the members (sent through the Support system) , each invoice and packing slip that contain the map route (call use of the g map). 

Send deliver orders items through Support system, that let Delivery workers don't need to access the acp. So Delivery worker can use Support request system stablish collaboration communication with the admin staff, and at the same time there will appear assignments of deliver items send by the admin staff. 

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