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Restricting IP addresses viewing via a hashed string


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We would like a way to keep IP address information from being viewable by moderators, yet still allow them to use the IP address tools to find individuals who register more than one account and see posts that have been made by the same address.

Please consider making these tools available, yet with a hash or some other unique string that can be used to translate what is reported by a moderator as a problem, only viewed by trusted administrators, while keeping moderators from viewing the actual IP address.

There are jurisdictions where this information is sensitive and access should be minimized.

Instead, have something like a hash or string that represents the IP address displayed, or make these tools function without revealing the data. We'd like to additionally have the ability to show the location on a map without the IP address info.

We know there's an option to not show IP addresses, which we use, yet we'd like to allow them to be able to use the IP address tools in mod CP without having access to the actual addresses.

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