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I am looking for a developer to create an Event Application.

I will explain in more detail with the chosen Dev, however as an overview:

  • Interactive Event Map with pins showing locations of events
  • Ability for certain users groups to purchase event submission
  • Submission of events as one off or reoccurring
  • Ability to 'attend' and show list of attendees
  • All Events Listed with filtering ability and search Function
  • Event Information, including optional images, free text, links

I am looking for someone to build this and maintain in the future, with a view to working on enhancements and bug fixes.

Looking for someone to be able to start this project immediately ideally.

Preference will be to someone who can evidence previous work with IPS Applications.




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19 hours ago, Adriano Faria said:

I think the easiest way is to take advantage of Calendar app and enhance it from there. Or do you want something totally different/new?

Hi Adriano,

I'm really looking for something completely new, ultimately so that it can feel separate to the forums.

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