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Newbie: How to > Community for 2.000 known/trusted members

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I am completely new here. Is it possible what I try to achieve?

This is for roughly 2.000 members who are well known and trusted. So, I do not need spam control, reporting, and no complex moderation. I use posts, clubs, and events (no forum).

I want to completely separate public and internal views/content. I never want a guest (user who is not logged-in) to see any member details and no activity stream at all.

Ideally, public users should only see public blog posts and public events. Internal (logged-in) users should see only the content of their groups and those groups should have their own blogs and event calendars.

Going even further, I would love to contain moderators to only "their" groups. Basically, this may be "clan-system" but I do not see that as an option here.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can do most of this?

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You can create extra calendars and categories, and then specify permissions at the calendar and category level to denote if a guest can access/view or not. Using this methodology you can create public and private areas, and dictate which areas each group can access.

You can do the same with activity streams by visiting System > Applications, expanding the "System" application and adjusting the module permissions. That said, it's worth pointing out that a user will only see content they can access in the activity stream, so allowing guest access isn't a problem from a permissions perspective.

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