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Social media forum link sharing help

Elite IV

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I would just like some help on how can i change or set the forums social media logo, everytime i share the community forums link, my forum profile's display picture is used as the thumbnail.

I've looked all through the AdminCP and i can't seem to find the setting.

Thank you.


Just looked into "Meta Tags" a bit more and site map, So my meta setting is on "https://xtgcommunity.net/forums/ " and left the page address blank. Does this mean that the meta data will generate a picture and random description from the forum board? When i share the link on Facebook, my display picture is used as the thumbnail and a random thread is used as the description which is confusing. Also all the keyword tags are mixed with the Page Title which i don't like. Can i hide the keywords from showing in sharing the link or will i just have to remove keywords all together if i don't want them to show up?

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