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2 hidden colors.. Only occur when clicked on


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For the select... It'd be nice to drop selects from front-end imo. They don't fit for a good look.



Background colors

The wrapping div also handles the background color to the select. The background styling should be done to this wrapping element, and not the select element itself, to mitigate issues with how option and optgroup elements inconsistently inherit background color styling of the select across browsers. For instance, in Firefox options will inherit background styling from the select, but optgroups will not, and there's no way to style the background of optgroups in Firefox. This could result in Firefox having options that match the background color of their parent select, while any optgroup being stuck with the default grey background.

Internet Explorer and Edge have the best support for styling option and optgroups. But Chrome, Safari and other Webkit based browsers do not provide any support for styling these elements.

In conclusion, to "style" a standard select element and give it consistent design across all browsers, its advised to keep the option and optgroup styling as close to browser defaults as possible. If a fully styleable single-select form control is desired, an ARIA listbox might be the way to go. Note, there's quite a bit to do to recreate native select functionality, and keeping small/touch screens in mind.


Got it!

What's not good here is the amount of control given to Google through the Invision basic theme in forms. The default theme needs more web-kit rules without doubt to stop the Google take-over. Besides, in general the basic user without web design knowledge is stuck with a very complicated issue not addressed in the default theme and is more than likely forced to just settle with a half baked form situation with undesired colors. Just my 2 cents here..


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