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root_library.js execution time


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My default theme comes with a root_library.js script that takes something around 6000ms to execute.

As you can imagine this is definitely not optimal.

I've ran audits on the Invision Community and on this site the same script takes 1/6 of the time to execute and appears to be a "js.gz" file rather than a plain "js" file. Any idea how I would replicate this on my own community? All the info I can find is from 2010~ so I'm unsure if it's accurate and up to date.

Honestly any info on how to cut the execution time of this script would be helpful since I'm not entirely sure how to fix it.

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root_library.js is a combined minified javascript file that encompasses many other files. The exact files included can vary from site to site depending upon various factors (such as which features you use, which applications or plugins are installed, and so on).

When using Amazon S3 file storage, we automatically gzip the file, so root_library.js.gz will be served, however the behavior is the same otherwise.

Generally your first step should be to run the support tool and disable all third party applications and plugins, and use a new default unmodified theme, and then refresh the front end (a couple times, since caches will need to rebuild) to see if the same behavior persists.

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