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I've been meaning to broach this one for a long time, but never get around to it until now.  The Search function defaults are a pain to the unwary, returning site-wide results no matter where you are in the community.  I would like to see it behaving a bit more intelligently by default, so that if you are in a sub-forum it will automatically select "This Forum" tickbox, if you're in a thread it will choose "This Thread", when you're in a category it will... you get the idea, and in general it will always choose "All search terms", as it's the most often used method to narrow down your results.  Being bombarded with a huge scattergun of results from the whole community is frustrating and counter productive when you forget to tick those boxes.

Similarly, when you select "Manage followed Content" it currently defaults to "Forums" rather than "Topics", which to me and my members would be a better, more granular approach.  As it is, my members get a sudden shock and think all their followed topics have gone and it still catches me out occasionally.

I hope this can be integrated into one of the next updates, and if anyone feels the same way, chime in 🙂

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Previous search bar was much better a few versions back, both in appearance and functionality. I’m sure it defaulted to this forum when you was inside one, and possibly topic, could be wrong, but don’t think I am.

Also losing the ability to search within a topic on mobile is a major backwards step for me personally as I used this a lot. Now I have to reach for a tablet or MacBook to perform what was simple tasks.

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