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Ongoing IPS back end support


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Hi. I'm working on a new community. Not yet launched. Customizing, adding content, etc. the usual...

I'd like to have some ongoing technical admin support. More than anything someone who can:

  • Resolve the usual system errors as they occur
  • Do an occasional verification of modified templates
  • Help out when upgrades cause a little bit of havoc
  • Work through plugin/application conflicts
  • Other IPS-level interventions
  • I don't really need server support. I host on a fully managed vps (moving to managed dedicated soon).
  • No theme support needed either.
  • I handle the content, the design, etc.

That's all for now.

My ideal arrangement is a small retainer for a couple of hours of basic maintenance work a month with the option to pay additional work when we hit a major snag.

My final request is having someone who can grow with us. As with all boards, we may fail, or we may succeed. If we fail, that's life, if we succeed and grow, I'd like someone to be a part of that growth.

If anyone is interested in talking it over, message me. Then let's have a phone call or audio chat. Ideally, I'd like to find someone in my timezone (±). I am in U.S. - Eastern.

Thanks all.


P.S. Not in a hurry to close the deal. I'd like to take my time and find someone I can afford and that I get along with. Thanks.

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