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Localization suggestions

karina k

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Because the market doesn't have a chinese version. I am now trying to translate more than 500 pages.

Is it possible to put a function in the future update? If it is possible to define which translations are the administration panel, the moderator panel and what members can see? Than most people only have to translate what members can see. This will not only benefit us but will also benefit the whole second language community. Please consider putting this function in. Ps. I already tried the quick translation tool. But some things still will not translate using that function. for example the emails being sent or the new registrations etc.


Thank you very much. Best Regards.

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There used to be a Simplified Chinese language pack in the Marketplace, but it might have been removed due to a lack of updates.  

If you're ever able to finish yours, you may want to list it in the Marketplace and get some money back for your work while benefitting other Chinese-language communities.  

It's been requested before to identify the language strings used on the front versus ACP.  

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