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KeyValue Form Helper - Define field types.

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Yes, I am fully aware I can do this by extending the KeyValue form helper class. Every, single, time I want to use something not a text input for the key or value. Can we pass this as an option like 'keyFieldType' and 'valueFieldType', defaulting to Text instead, and pass the field type specific options through to them with something like 'keyFieldOptions' and 'valueFieldOptions' please?

For reference, I often use this field with the Stack field type, so such a change would need supported with this field type as well to be of value.

For example:

$form->add( new \IPS\Helpers\Form\Stack( 'my_setting', $values, true,
    [ 'stackFieldType' => 'KeyValue', 'keyFieldType' => 'Url', 'valueFieldType' => 'YesNo' ] ) );


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