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Sometimes with IPS I just want the option to remove a feature that tends to confuse users and kills traffic such as sort options.

The software is forcing me to make a post, download, product etc into a popularity contest with my humble user base. - "Most views, comments, purchases etc" are useless when you are selling content to a sparse audience that has already paid a premium to view the content in a step-by-step fashion. We want to show/sort content based on our needs—not user curiosity.

This is also confusing the heck out of content creators uploading photos or downloads to an area where comments and/or reviews are not permitted, yet the sort option is there.

If I could determine what are in these sort lists, your software would turn a corner for us. This is not a huge request, and I have been inquiring about this since you released the downloads module.

Please consider! It's feels like the suite is broken everywhere because of this.


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