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Larger avatars IPS 4.4


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Hello guys, i use on my themes until now this code 

<li class='cAuthorPane_photo'>
                  {{if $comment->author()->pp_main_photo}}
              		<span class='ipsUserPhoto ipsUserPhoto_variable'>
              			<img src="{setting='base_url'}uploads/{$comment->author()->pp_main_photo}" />
              			<img src='{resource="default_photo.png" app="core" location="global"}' />
.cAuthorPane_photo img {
    max-width: 170px;
    width: auto;

Now on 4.4, this code is not working, and everything i try only gifs avatars are showned on 150x300 px.My qestion is " DO YOU HAVE ANOTHER METHOD TO INCREASE THE SIZE OF AVATARS TO 150X300 from template? "

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