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Hiding ignore feature


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I have ignore turned off for our forum; however when going to account settings here it still shows as an option under "Other settings" and takes me to a page siteaddress/ignore where i can enter a members name before being told i can't put them on ignore.

Is there a way to hide or remove this setting?


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3 hours ago, Wren said:

Thanks, this is what i've already got set - and why it isn't actually allowing anyone to be ignored; however the ignored user section still shows under settings

Ah, I see.  I forgot there was a link there, sorry.

The only option I'm seeing is a template modification to remove the link.  I'm not seeing any kind of selector attached to it that would allow it to be a quick css modification. 

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If anyone knows a way to do this via CSS, please let me know. 

@Wren The way to do it via a template modification is below.  CSS modifications are always recommended over template modifications, as it could cause the template to not be updated in future versions of IPB if they do make changes to the template you edit. However, since this is such a very minor change, the template can be easily reversed to default when an update is needed, and then the same directions followed once again after the update is complete.

ACP > Customization Tab > Themes > Edit HTML and CSS of your current theme > With the Templates tab selected, search for "settingsOverview" (Core > Front > System)

Near the bottom of the template, on line 68, you'll see this:

<li><a href='{url="app=core&module=system&controller=ignore" seoTemplate="ignore"}'>{lang="menu_manage_ignore"}</a></li>

Change that to this:

<!--<li><a href='{url="app=core&module=system&controller=ignore" seoTemplate="ignore"}'>{lang="menu_manage_ignore"}</a></li>-->

Save and the link should no longer display.

I've gone ahead and tested this on my test site so you could see a before and after:


If in the future you decide to enable the ignore feature and would like this link to display again, just remove the <!-- before it and --> after it.  Recent changes to the update system now tell you which templates are being updated and if you have customized them, so it's less of a burden making template modifications now than it was before.

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