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Yearly Calendar

Mubarak Al Suti

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I must say that the calendar is one of the most valuable component of this board and we totally adore and love. In an organization such ours, it became a primary tool in the line of delivering our products and services, everyone is referring to it, cross checking with it, and acts as an archive for all the work done around that event.

That's been said, it would step a step toward perfection if three things were there:

1. a yearly calendar, next to [ Month | Week | Day | Event Stream ] to have Year, and when it is clicked on, it shows something like:


2. The event title to be multi-lingual enabled; meaning I can add its value in more than one language, like the forum titles for instance.

3. In case of more than one calendar is there, the ability to select multiple calendars at once. Currently, it is either "All Calendars" or your chosen calendar.


Thank you so much for your board and passionate devotion.


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With our feedback area here, I'm afraid we don't have the ability to come to a suggestion and tell you (within 4 days no less) whether or not a feature will be coming in a specific future version. In other words, we really can't say right now. I can say that we are focusing on wrapping up our next release (version 4.4) and these suggestions will not make it into 4.4 since it is feature complete already.

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