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How to Schedule the Daily Digest

Melissa West

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I'm afraid it's not possible.

A task runs every 5 minutes and randomly chooses to send either daily digest or weekly digest emails. Once it decides which type to send, it then pulls a specific number of users who are due to receive their digest, ordered by the member whose digest was last sent the longest time ago, and sends those emails.

On smaller sites it may be possible to tell the software "send all 200 digests in the morning" but on sites with millions of users subscribed to digests, it can take all day for the software to work through them, so this sort of processing can't really be scheduled for a specific time I'm afraid.

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On 11/21/2018 at 5:40 PM, Melissa West said:

@bfarber thank you. My community is under 1000 members....and you mentioned that it may be possible to tell the software to send the digests in the morning but where would I see that to test it out and see if it works for the numbers we have?



Well, what I was getting at was the functionality you are after may be possible to implement on smaller sites, but not on larger sites. It isn't really available right now out of the box, however.

If you are using cron for tasks, what you could do is set up a cron job that runs the digest task in the morning, then run the same job 5 minutes later, and repeat ~20 times to be safe. Kind of tedious but should work. All you do is take the regular cron job command from the AdminCP, and then add "digest" as another parameter at the end to only run that single task.

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