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Good afternoon everyone!

Colleagues, the task is as follows.

I have a forum, with a page attached. Pages I use, for various purposes: articles, business cards - of firms.

So, actually, what is my problem?

The business card of the company is the button "Contact the operator" on it. The button is implemented with the html code, where I change the user ID to the required one, and the potential client writes to the right operator.


<div style = "text-align: center;">
<a class = "ipsButton ipsButton_primary" data-ipsdialog = "" data-ipsdialog-flashmessage = "The message was sent" data-ipsdialog-remotesubmit = "" data-ipsdialog-title = "Create" href = "https: // domen. com / index.php? / messenger / compose / & amp; to = 2 "id =" ips_uid_1933_6 "rel =" "> <span class =" ipsResponsive_showDesktop ipsResponsive_inline "> Contact an operator </ span> </a>
</ div>

It is necessary that the recipients had two users: a representative of the company and me. say ID = 2 and ID = 1

And it is necessary that every button I can put the subject of the letter (PM).


All my head broke .. tell me how to do?

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