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  1. Hello! Please help solve the problem. The problem is long, but there was no time to do it. In the catalog of articles, previews are displayed in poor quality. Here you can see. https://kamfishing.ru/index.php?/tours.html/речная-рыбалка/ No matter what resolution and size, I added images for recording. How to fix this, that the quality of the image was not lost before such a disgrace? I will be glad to advice and help, thanks! The images of the recording on the page itself also stretch very much. https://kamfishing.ru/index.php?/tours.html/речная-рыбалка/
  2. I faced the same problem ... to get away from unnecessary subcategories and directories in Pages, I began to use tags. But now how to pull out these tags in the form of a cloud in order to simplify the user’s path to the desired content from my catalog?
  3. After a complete reinstallation of the plugin and shiblon, the rotator has earned. Thanks.
  4. Я сделал это, но это не работает ..
  5. Hi! I'm having trouble randomizing my block entries. I have 12 articles, in the block I want to display only 3 entries, how do I make them appear in random order?
  6. I would like the developers to take this possibility into account in future versions. The rating of articles, so that it was not only by the number of stars, but also by the number of times the article was evaluated. If these two parameters are higher than the others, then the article went up to the top of the list. This is useful for those making directories on their communities with standard applications.
  7. @ OpenType Подскажите, когда ждать обновления для 4.4.0? но тогда у меня все статьи по твоим модам сделаны, теперь у меня вообще не хватит .. EX-100
  8. Мэтт Спасибо за ответ Для русскоязычных сообществ все-таки актуально, большая часть трафика у нас происходит от Яндекса and we would like to see the opportunity to use an additional tool to attract search traffic to your communities.
  9. нет ... Разработчики даже не прокомментировали.. возможно ли включить для русскоязычных клиентов такую функцию.. А это делало бы более привлекательным IPS на рынке для русскоязычных сообществ. not t ... The developers did not even comment .. is it possible to include for Russian-speaking clients such a function .. And this would make IPS more attractive on the market for Russian-speaking communities.
  10. the image settings changed, the result is the same. cleaned the cache, reinstalled the plug-in and block chabons.
  11. Hello! I got the mod, but I can not configure it so it was like a demo, the picture is only displayed to the first record .. and then in auto size, if in the settings to put a preview, the picture blurs .. I just can not get it to be like a demo, the picture showed up for all the records, and I only have to the first one. Please tell me where to look for the cause and how it https://forum.kamfishing.ru/index.php?/тест2/ If necessary, I will give access to ACP
  12. @T-MIKE удалось решить вопрос?
  13. Understood! Thank you again for the support and wonderful product!
  14. Thank you! Tell me more by the images for the preview. I add images 800x600px, but it still has a strong graininess ... in which resolution to add an image for the preview in which for the page. As written here, it did not help ...
  15. Here is url http://forum.kamfishing.ru/index.php?/test2.html/ If necessary, I will give access to the Admin Panel
  16. Hi! Tell me, how can I solve the problem? Thumbnails are not created. After changing database settings, the image was added again, but without result ... The image on the page is stretched, so that the whole view is cut off ... I will be happy to help ...
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