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CUD Hooks


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I want to use an alternative search engine to the native IPS engine/ES.

To do this I need to to capture CUD operations. So create, update delete.  This will be for each content type, other than private messages.

I don't know IPS too well but but can code the search side of it and want to maintain that part myself.

So what I need is someone to build some hooks for me, and present me with the code that I can finish off by writing to my search engine interface.

Ideally the hooks will call a single function, immaterial of the content type generating the CUD operation. The function will receive all the data necessary to write a complete record to my search server. There should be some form of batching taking place, assuming therefore that the function will receive an array of updates - but not too infrequently. Max 2 seconds sounds about right.

There's also a little bit of admin panel work I need doing, for example index name, and a couple of other control attributes.

So maybe you will deliver an app shell? Which I can alter to meet my needs. I will also want a code review session or two, as part of the deal.



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