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Developer needed for some development


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I have several projects (5 in fact) that need a developer to create 1 or more of them and if you are interested please let me know ASAP

1. A New Side Menu System

I need to have the main menu system converted over to a side column menu system. I had it done for my XF site and now need it for my IPS site. Here are some mock up screen shots:





a) The menu column default is on the Left side but a user select for it to be displayed on the right side by a user selected preference

b) The IPS inbuilt menu system is to be used to manage the menu items

c) When a user clicks a menu item the site goes to that area

d) The drop down like the Account, PMs, Alerts and Search come out as shown

e) The side column menu is sticky when you browse up or down the page

F) The menu column menu item list can slide up and down if the menu list exceeds the height of the displayed page

g) The What's New menu item when clicked displayed the default activity stream UNLESS the user has defined their own default and if so the activity stream displayed is the user's default stream that is normally displayed as a link at the top right of the page next to the Mark Site Read link

h) Any menu item that has a sub menu, the sub menu items are displayed as they are in a default IPS install under the site header however, this row of sub menu items is sticky across the top when a user scrolls the page down

I paid a developer to create this menu system for my Xenforo site and it can be seen working perfectly on my XF site at www.recfly.com.au. I can't migrate over to IPS until this menu system is created.

2. A new Gallery Landing Page

Currently the default Gallery view is the latest entry for each category thus only displaying 1 last entry per category on the gallery landing page. I need a Gallery landing page default view created that displays a category menu (along with other possible options) in a side column and all the latest entries displayed in order on the Gallery landing page. here are some mockup screen shots:



I don't think any more needs to be said here as the images show exactly what is needed

3. Further projects include (which are to be discussed down the track):

a) When a user adds an attached image to a post a Gallery category selector is displayed to force a user to add the post attachment image to the Gallery. This is to ensure the Gallery becomes the Single Source of Truth of all images

b) A Facebook Groups Integrator to AUTOMATICALLY exchange threads and posts both ways between my IPS site and my Facebook Group. I got an XF developer to create this for my XF site but need it created for my IPS site

c) A Google Map section where I can have a user generated/edited/managed list of Airports and their details displayed as Pins on a Google map using Lat and Long positioning. It needs to also include categories of different types of Airports with each category displayed as a different colour pin. I also had this developed for my Xenforo site so I now need to created for my IPS site.

d) A News Reader section where a specific rss news feed is displayed and when the user clicks the news item it opens up as a full page of the news item in my own site. I had this developed for my XF site and it used an iFrame to display the source news page.



There is also some other small things that I need changed but they can wait. PLEASE if you are a developer and looking for work and can create these then let me know ASAP...thanks

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